the premiere was the 14th june 2009 at the Uzes Dance Festival
and aired live on


Anne Lopez

creation of the web channel
François Lopez

Hichem Belhaj
Jean-Philippe Derail
Ghyslaine Gau
Anne Lopez
François Lopez

François Lopez
JS Bach
Killing Joke

video technician
Pierre Vidry

Théâtre de Nîmes
Festival Uzès Danse

The company Les Gens du Quai is in residency in Nîmes Theatre and at the National Choreographic
Center of Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon.

supported by
DRAC Languedoc Roussillon
Région Languedoc Roussillon
Département de l'Hérault
Ville de Montpellier




"The idea for this piece came to me one evening, after watching the national news hosted by
Claire Chazal (this decade most popular TV news host in France, TN).
One of the subjects dealt with the increasingly aggressive and threatening attitude of the
monkey population in New Delhi.
This particular piece led me to thinking about the effects of threat and the room it takes up in
the media and what it brings about in our private lives."
Today the threat is everywhere,
It takes all shapes.

Threat is growing in current events of the world today.
Sometimes outrageous, conveyed by the world's media massively spreading news that get us
to fear that the worse is still to come. Religion is a threat, environment is threatened, nature
becomes malignant, economy is shaking, culture is a hazard… everywhere we look is a
possible danger and everyone can potentially become a threat to others, unwillingly or by
misunderstanding. When faced with the announcement of a threat, we worry, react and want
to protect ourselves from it. Hence threat assumes that man is not a free spirit but wants to
yield him by a representation of evil.
But what room does this actually leave for reality? The imaginary takes over and imprisons us
in its projections.

With this piece, The Threat, we have pursued a quest around broadcasted information in
newspapers and TV programs in the world's media.
Our work has focused on what is being shown to us everyday, on how information, ideas, new
decisions being applied here and there are conveyed and the consequences on our lives, in our
bodies and minds.

Today we are all aware that an image, a figure or even an actual fact can be either black or
white depending on how it is portrayed in the media. Manipulation is the norm.
What we want to show here is both the diversity of threats looming over our heads, real or
imagined, and how we may confound its mechanisms through humour and dance.
The Threat, poetic play for five
The Threat, it's a team of five performers, dancers, actors, interpreters who throughout the
play become in turns investigative journalists, spokespersons, average citizens, dancers and
live-show technicians.

With off-beat humour and wit they display our own relation to reality. Drama, pressure,
conflict, events, shock, liberation, depression, all the subjects found in the news which catch
our attention, leave us breathless and touch our minds provide the living material for this

The Threat is before anything else a choreographic play, a poetic act where dance takes place
there and then, the body being the only media, the only communication device.
TheThreatTV (, a web chanel
The Threat was also the occasion for François Lopez to create an independent web channel
that airs reports and news coverage, excerpts from plays and performances and live shows.
Notably, for every representation of The Threat the point of view of the interpreters on stage
is aired live on menace-tv.
Thanks to this perspective, net surfers can not only discover backstage and "searching"
periods but also investigations around the local area and of course the failures, reverses and
misunderstandings occurring along the succession of encounters.

vidéo enregistrée en direct les 19 et 20 novembre 2009 à l'Odéon, Théâtre de Nîmes 

video duration :12 minutes


video duration : 60 minutes


affiche de La Menace le 14 juin à Uzès

A choreography born of a news report on the monkey population in New Delhi and their
increasingly aggressive behaviour. A terse statement of fact for this hilarious and witty show:
the threat is looming and expanding as relayed by the media's constant greed for alarming
news. Danger is everywhere, in religion, environment, economy, culture… threats both real
and imagined.

Uncompromising in her down-to-earth dancing style, Anne Lopez and her company wish to
broaden their scale of encounters to share their apprehension of the world. What do we have
to fear? Impersonating in turns investigative journalists, citizens or media technicians, five
performers cast a punchy glance on communication verging on manipulation. This parody of
an international news program is a screening for prejudice and misleading points of view, an
attempt at lucidity when the imaginary takes over reality. Ever drifting information is what
makes the living material of this show, pointing out the effects on our fears and our protective
instincts, in a word on our freedom.
With playful detachment and eccentricity the performing dancers, actors and shrewd
observers of life tease out new figures and statistics. Using only their bodies for expression,
they constantly present one view alongside its opposite.